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My lips are sealed.

Just like your legs... See? A real doctor wouldn't have said that.

Holly Holliday {GLEE}
5 June
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Ms H is the kind of teacher you really don't want in charge of kids for longer than a substitute is supposed to. She doesn't deal well with being one place, not to mention the fact that being anything other than a substitute means there has to be responsibility and discipline. She's good at fun, at breezing in and shaking things up and leaving before it gets heavy.

She's innovative, laid back, entertaining and approaches her love life much the same as her teaching methods. She doesn't do commitment, doesn't do relationships. She's not the dating type. She'll always wind up breaking the poor guy's heart in one way or another.


Here's To You
with adrenalinelead

It was probably only a matter of time before Holly Holliday became someone's Mrs Robinson, but who would have thought it'd be Jesse St James? The former show choir star is charming and incredibly hard to say no - even when it comes to pantless taco delivery. It certainly comes under the heading of so wrong it's right, but Holly can't deny the fun inherent in teaching him how to loosen up.

Disclaimer: Not Holly Holliday - she's a fictional character from GLEE. Also not Gwyneth Paltrow. This is just for fun, so don't get your knickers in a twist. No profit being made, no harm intended.

Mun and muse well and truly over 18, so guess what? Adult content likely unless dealing with her underage students.

history, keeping things fun, kids, music, teaching, travel